LED Panel Luminaire

The Nimbus is a low profile LED panel designed specifically for use in hazardous areas. It provides significant space and energy savings over traditional recessed luminaires with fluorescent lamps.

The low glare panel design provides excellent uniformity and colour rendering, replicating the light output of fluorescent luminaires. The pure white (4000K) LEDs provide excellent uniformity and colour rendering (CRI >80). The panel features push to dim capabilities allowing light levels to be adjusted independently. 

An emergency battery backup version is available to provide escape/egress lighting. To ensure the highest levels of safety, the Nimbus features a battery status/fault condition indication.

This is also available with an ISO 7010 Running Man exit decal for use as escape route illuminated signage.

Installation of the Nimbus panel could not be simpler via M4 mounting studs. Panels are flush-mounted as standard and are intended to sit below, rather than replace ceiling tiles. This ensures that ceiling integrity is maintained, particularly important for fire rated installations.

The driver unit for the panel can be installed up to four metres away, allowing it to be conveniently located and save space in the ceiling void. The connection between the panel and driver is via a flame-retardant LSZH cable and features a plug & socket connection for easy installation.

  • Low profile, space and weight saving design

  • Suitable for Emergency battery backup or non-Emergency operation

  • Available as running man exit sign to ISO 7010

Nimbus Dimensions

Luminaire Ratings

Product Reference Colour Temperature (K) Lumen Output (Lm) Power (W) Weight (Kg)
LX2NIM05LB57 150 x 150 730 6 3.6 / 9.6
LX2NIM051LB57xx 200 x 350 1460 12 4.7 / 10.7
LX2NIM11LB57 300 x 300 1460 12 5.2 / 11.2
LX2NIM125LB57 275 x 600 2100 18 6.8 / 12.8
LX2NIM12LB57 300 x 600 2100 18 7.2 / 16.2

Add E to the coding for Em version e.g. LX2NIME11LB57


E90 90-minute emergency duration (90 minutes at 50% output)
RMD Running Man decal with down arrow (NIM051 only)
RML Running Man decal with left arrow (NIM051 only)
RMR Running Man decal with right arrow (NIM051 only)



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